Investopedia Game Rules


Each student is to create an Investopedia account and abide by the following rules.


  1. Account name must be last name followed by period number.

      Example   Duckworth01  ( Duckworth Last Name) (01 Period)

2.  Use oak thrn your ID for password.  I have no way of knowing how to look up your password  example  


3.   Students must play the Oakstock10 game and use the buy and hold method (Do not sell Stock)

A.    Students will pick Five stocks, value  must be between $19,000 - $20,000.

Stock price/19,500 =number of shares.

B.    Students must have at least 1 Long position and 1 Short position.

      4.   Students must play the Period Game (Oakstock?) that they are in during the academic day. 

             A. Students must buy at least 5 stocks either long or short, in the amount between  $19,000 - $20,000


  1. Stocks must be purchased  by May  8, 2010.


Good Luck