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UIL 2006-2007 Alignment - Klein Oak returns to Region II 5-A competion for the 2006-2007.

Hot Springs Street Vault 2006 - Video clips

2005 Men's World Leaders, Source Stabhochsprung.com 2005 Woman's World Leaders, Katie Veith 13' 5 1/4" Source Dyestat.com

Regional III 4-A 2006 - Video clips

Regional Qualifiers 2006 - Video clips

District 18 4-A 2006 - Video clips

Conroe Relays 2006 - Video clips

Klein Relays 2006 - Video clips

Klein Spring Break 2006 - Video clips

Caney Creek 2006 - Video clips

Tomball Invite 2006 - Video clips

Klein Forest J.V. 2006 - Video clips

Practice Drills - Video clips

Practice Drills - Video clips

2005 Videos - Video clips of vaulters during the 2005 season Alex Bentley 16'9"

Texas Round Up 2006 - Video clips

Bubba Sparks Interview - PoleVaultWorld Podcast now have 14 Episodes, Click on Show Notes....Listen to other Polevaultworld Podcasts Podcast Episodes

Pole Vault World - Scott Duckworth's Pole Vault Site with many video's to evaluate pole vault technique.

Pole Vault Power Message Boards - The best pole vaulting message boards on the internet! Come join over 700 other pole vaulters and talk about your favorite sport.

DyeStat - Your one stop place high School result around the country.

Texas Track - Your one stop place high School result around the country.

USA Track & Field - Complete Track & Field Web Page from youth to master vaulters

University of Houston Track - University of Houston Track & Field

Other Sites of Interest

PoleVaultPit.com - The latest pole vaulting news from around the world
Stabhochsprung.com - Video clips of the world's top vaulters
Dyestat.com - The internet home of high school track and field
Trackshark.com - The internet home of collegiate track and field
The Pole Vault World According to Gus - The most detailed national lists out there for all levels. Be sure to sign up for the email newsletter for the latest in results!
Pole Vault Education Initiative - Read the latest coaching tips and articles
NeoVault.com - A website with cool video clips, articles, and more.
PolePeddlers.com - Got a pole for sale? Post it here!

Email: Scott Duckworth

Email: Bob Duckworth

2006 Pole Vault Schedule

Jan Thur 6 Practice Begins 3:00 Klein Oak High School
Feb Thur 2 Practice Meet 4:00 PM Conroe H.S.
Feb Thur 16 J.V. Klein Forest 4:00 PM Klein Forest H.S.
Feb Sat 17 Varsity @ Montgomery 3:30 PM Montgomery H.S.
Feb Thur 23 J.V. @ Klein Oak 4:00 PM Klein Oak H.S.
Feb Sat 25 Varsity @ Woodlands TBA Woodlands H.S.
March Thur 2 J.V.@ Conroe 4:00 P.M. Conroe H.S.
March Fri 3 Varsity @ Tomball TBA Tomball H.S.
March Thur 9 J.V. @ Tomball 4:00 PM Tomball H.S.
March Fri 9 Varsity & Caney Creek TBA Caney Creek H.S.
March Fri 17 Varsity @ Klein 4:00 PM Klein H.S.
March Thur 23 J.V. @ Spring 4:00 P.M. Spring H.S.
March Sat 25 Varsity @ Klein Relays TBA Klein H.S.
March Thur 30 J.V. @ Klein TBA. Klein H.S.
March Fri 31 Conroe Invitational TBA Conroe H.S.
April Thur 6 J.V. District TBA Caney Creek H.S.
April Mon 10 District Varsity Field TBA PM Caney Creek H.S.
April Wed 12 District Varsity Running TBA Caney Creek
April Fri-Sat 28-29 Regionals TBA Sam Houston State
May Fri-Sat 12-23 State Championships TBA University of Texas

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